Details & Care

Our high quality large pampas grass comes with a packaging box in set of 3 of 43 inches tall with 18 fluffy branches each. Our handcrafted pampas is made of wire wrapped with paper and silk. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Stems could be bent to fit any size vase.Learn More

Long Lasting

Imagine always having nice looking pampas. A great benefit is how long lasting our artificial pampas grass is in comparison with real pampas. Our lifelike pampas will remain beautiful year after year, you won’t be disappointed.Learn More

Home Decor

Our versatile and stylish, white pampas goes well with every style, could be rustic, minimalist, boho chic, contemporary, or modern. You can use any vase for faux pampas grass tall and it will fit perfectly.Learn More


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  • COLOR: White
  • QUANTITY: Every set comes with 3 artificial pampas grass
  • SIZE: 43 inches total, 13 inches stem and 30 inches branches part.
  • BRANCHES: 18 fluffy branches
  • PACKAGING: Protective packaging box.
  • FOR WHOM: If you are not a natural gardener and prefer low maintenance plants, this is perfect for you. With our Faux pampas grass you get the beauty of natural plants but without worrying about the maintenance, shedding or bad smells, you just need a piece of dry cloth to clean it.
  • WHY: If you are looking for some home decor that is versatile and stylish our faux pampas grass in a great option for you. Our color goes with any decor and will light up any room of the house. You just ust need a vase and the pampas will do the rest. You can bend the pampas to fit different vase sizes.